bach•e•lor•ettepar•ty (2)As a young girl in a big world, I’ve learned that writing and sharing what you love are two incredibly important things. This blog is a reflection of my belief in the power of that thought, and purposed to spread the joy I find in Disney and all things magic. I’m Juliet, and currently employed as a part-time party princess working for Be Our Guest Party Entertainment. This year I find myself entering my junior year as a creative writing major at an arts high-school, with a passion for poetry and still so much to learn frbach•e•lor•ettepar•ty (1)om others.

I’m excited to explore the world alongside so many wonderful other people that share interests and want to adventure together. My blog is an open forum to share my experiences as a party princess, WDW AP, and reminders of encouragement.

If you would like to collaborate, product reviews are welcomed – just contact me at your convenience.


I hope that everyone will keep in mind this is a space for love and that I am here as a kind
presence on the internet. I’m a strong advocate for compassion and firmly believe in taking a stance against bullying. I hope to hear from as many voices as possible, and would like to clearly note that I am so elated that we can share our love for Disney together. Never be afraid to make a difference and never let anyone dull your sparkle.

Princess Kisses and Butterfly Wishes,