Kellie’s Ears and Tees: Casual Clothing for the Parks

In terms of finding suitable comfort-wear, Kellie’s Ears and Tees on Etsy offers a fun line of Disney-inspired customizable pocket tees well-suited for the summer. Shop-owner Kellie Gerrity sent me a Zootopia-themed t-shirt and matching ears, along with a new arrival to her store, a tulle bow with mermaid embellishments, in exchange for an honest review of her products.

DSCN8255Her t-shirts are subtly influenced by beloved characters, but well-sewn, flatteringly fitting, and made of a light, soft fabric. I was impressed by the hand-crafted pocket, as well as her chosen color-scheme, selected to reflect my favorite feminist bunny — ZPD Officer Judy Hopps. My shirt arrived with a small hole in the back near the neckline, which Ms. Gerrity pleasantly offered to fix. Overall, the simplified look of Kellie’s Ears and Tees’s tops and her willingness to create anything you’d like to wear are the small business’s two most striking qualities. If you’re looking for something casual and comfortable, yet uniquely made, to wear on your next visit, you can message Ms. Kellie Gerrity to request a design of your own.

I loved the concept of Ms. Kellie’s tulle bows, which appear elegant and colorful, but found myself a little frustrated that the adorable pearls on the top half caused the delicate fabric to fold over. If you like their appearance and would like to order one, be sure to recommend that both sets of pearls are placed on the same half of the bow so that the top can retain its perky shape, while the bottom is pulled down by the weight of the embellishments. Pearls are my favorite decoration, though, which excited my original interest in the product. I loved her use of soft blues and purples to compliment the sky hue of the tulle.DSCN8246

Ears are a tricky accessory. I appreciated the effort Ms. Gerrity put into designing a pair especially for me, as she hand-places each individual gem to create a particular design, but that makes the ears very heavy, causing them to flop and slip off the head. In recent posts, Kellie’s Ears and Tees have begun offering fabric ears, which I would highly recommend if you have a similar taste. The set of ears I received also did not have a bow, which I felt would have tied the design together. As has been previously mentioned, the shop is flexible and such suggestions can be discussed with Ms. Gerrity during the creation process if these things are those you would like to take into consideration for your own order. The back of my Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps ears sports the memorable phrase, “It’s called a hustle, sweetheart” in gold sharpie. If you are a fan of handwritten quotes, as I’ve noticed have become popular, this design is crafted in your interest. I prefer headband-esque Minnie ears with large bows and a lightweight quality, as some later works of Kellie’s Ears and Tees have exhibited. Not featured, are some adorable new products available from her store, including tumblers and stickers with the Disney princesses’ iconic autographs. As my review simply couldn’t cover everything offered by the small shop, Kellie’s Ears and Tees is versatile, offering a different experience for each customer. Every order can expect a very unique result when opening their magic mail, which Ms. Gerrity ships with love from Phoenix, Arizona.







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