Need “Tsum” More Minnie Ears?

With Etsy bringing its best to the ear-making phenomenon, Walt Disney World has released several new editions of Minnie Mouse’s signature bow look to rival the work of competing crafters. Between a recently introduced peach and flower option, to a pair with a sparkly, diamond bow in shades of pink or blue, Minnie has gotten her share of the spotlight in Disney merchandise. But truly, despite the franchise’s valiant efforts to heighten their level of creativity, I far prefer custom work in comparison to the identical products sold in the Parks.

However, that poses the question: What handmade products can I actually trust? Quality is essential. If you’re going to shovel out 30 dollars or more to refine your picture-perfect look for a day at Disney, the expectations are set high. For the price, the durability and functionality of your accessory should match its official counterparts. I have certainly had my share of Etsy-buy mishaps, which is why Annie’s Fairytale Bows had me head over ears when I tore into her package.

I was initially struck by how outlandishly adorable her design was, because a tsum tsum set of ears is certainly something I never thought I would be able to get my hands on. Ms. Laura Solorsano’s finest achievement, though, was showcased by the exemplary display of professionalism and neatness in her product. The entirety of the (amazingly comfortable) headband base is covered in the same fabric used for the ears, which adds an elegant

I was probably more excited that the fabric design matched the shirt I bought from Kohl’s more than anything else. Pair your outfit to maximize the amount of tsum you can represent! More is never enough.

continuity to the overall style, and lined with ribbon on the underside. The ears themselves are sewed perfectly, sturdy, and attached firmly, unlike some products that I’ve grown frustrated with in the past for quickly falling apart. If these ears are going to ride Everest with me, jump through character meet and greets, and last through my endless parkhopping, they need to be built for my hyperactivity. Annie’s Fairytale Bows lives up to its name by incorporating a fabric bow with a hard image of a super cute tsum tsum stack on the front. Everything looks wondrously finished, as a little rim of sequins lines the edges of the ears to polish off the pesky little edges that don’t look nearly as nice as they do when cleverly obscured. I honestly felt as content wearing Annie’s Fairytale Bows’s ears as I would if I had taken my classic Park-bought Minnie ears on my afternoon Animal Kingdom run.

As lovely as her ears are, and as mystified by them as I am, Ms. Solorsano’s talent extends beyond the mouse’s fashion statement and into a line of character bows all her own. My particular favorite, and due recommendation, is Annie’s Fairytale Bows’s Mickey

After playing around with these products, I’ve been persuaded that Annie’s Fairytale Bows are made to go with literally every outfit conceivable.

and Minnie Mouse set, which are my favorite things to decorate a messy bun with. The subtle allusion to the inspiration of each bow is kept classy and simple, which is a stylistic technique of the shop that I am incredibly fond of. Everything is minute and carefully constructed.

Annie’s Fairytale Bows possesses the talent to breathe life into the beloved stories they create designs of, and one of the sweetest small shops to support. That being said, they have tsum tsum Minnie Mouse ears. If that isn’t a beautiful thing, I’m absolutely unconvinced you’re wearing the right pair of ears.




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