Arm Candy with Ears

The Mickey Ear Shoulder Bag from @bmarquez_nevergrowupshop has become my Disney-trip necessity.

I’ve found that visiting the happiest place on earth is always a little more satisfying when you dress for the occasion. This year, I’ve started a collection of custom Minnie ears and Disney-themed apparel that have overtaken my closet space. But I’ve still found a problem when it comes to picking out the right bag to bring along. I don’t want to carry around some bulky, unsightly nightmare that looks equally ugly in all my photos with Cindy and Tinkerbell. And there’s no fun in purchasing something boring when you’re looking to have a magical day.

It doesn’t matter which park you’re visiting, Ms. Josie-Marquez’s handbags are perfect for any excursion.

Happily enough, Never Grow Up Shop is my absolute favorite go-to for resolving little dilemmas like these. Brittany Josie-Marquez handcrafts the most adorable handbags for a day out, my personal favorite being her Mouse Ear Shoulder Bag (which sells for only $35). Almost all of her products have flexibility regarding color, which is a huge asset in attempting to search up an item that will blend into the rest of your wardrobe. Even though the traditional black was tantalizing, I fell in love with her light grey option which surprisingly possesses the capability to brighten up any look.

I wasn’t sure how handmade could look so wonderful on a purse, but Never Grow Up Shop makes the feat seem effortless. The product I received was masterfully constructed and looked like something you would pick right off the shelf of your nearest Disney-themed department store (the lack of thereof is exactly why Never Grow Up Shop‘s products are an absolute need).

Any item that can get unending cast members asking where you bought it is an undoubted success, in my opinion. I like knowing that what I wear out to the Parks doesn’t look touristy, and nothing is more charming than something that’s simple and unique. Ms. Josie-Marquez definitely understands that a pair of Mickey ears can make anything better, especially a late-night Magic Kingdom runimg_2498

I’ve actually had the product for some time, convinced that I would post a review right after I took it on “just one more” trip to Walt Disney World. But I had to stop myself from jealously taking my new treasure on adventures in order to share just how much I love it with you. Never Grow Up Shop is a gem, that aside from envy-worthy bags, also creates dazzling Minnie ear sets and other Disney-decorated accessories. From playing tag with Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum with my custom bag across my shoulder, to taking photos in the Hub Grass with a strikingly photogenic purse, Never Grow Up Shop’s handbag is the best purse a girl with Disney in her veins could ask for.



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