Never Grow Up with Le Petite Arbre’s Gowns


With Mickey’s-Not-So-Scary Halloween Party just behind us, and with that the trick-or-treat season, I was more than elated to find a sweet surprise from Le Petite Arbre in my mailbox to cheer me up from my sugar-induced, post-Halloween depression. Crafter and seamstress Rebecca Schwartzhoff is not only a fabulous mother of two, but the owner of the online store Le Petite Arbrewhich specializes in custom costumes for children and adults alike.

img_1922I happily opened a box sent by Ms. Rebecca to find a gorgeous, high-quality Wendy Darling gown and matching bow. Unlike traditional costumes, the fabric is elegant and thick, with a comfortable hem at the waist, and sleeves that were not only agreeable when worn, but sewn perfectly in order to stand firmly on their own. I had actually been searching for a Wendy dress prior to receiving this Neverland beauty from Ms. Rebecca, but many of the other options I sought out were cheap and ill-fitting. Not only that, many online stores require a lengthy turn-around time. Le Petite Arbre created a custom gown in little to none, making the store a wonderful option for any Disney-bound guest attending the Parks for a special event permitting costumes. To my amazement, Le Petite Arbre’s clothing is unique to its own brand, but nearly movie-accurate in design. I was elated to feel akin to my favorite, motherly heroine in a dress made special for me – which is the true the magic of Le Petite Arbre’s work.

You can’t make a girl in a gown grow up – especially not when it was sewn with the love of Le Petite Arbre. 
Wendy on the lookout for Tick Tock Croc in Magic Kingdom’s moat.

I recently boasted Ms. Rebecca’s excellent handiwork at Magic Kingdom, only to find myself afloat in the pixie dust of Never Fairies. I experienced the loveliest character interactions, from the townspeople of Fantasyland, to Peter Pan himself, all while twirling in the folds of Le Petite Arbre’s genius. Catching the stares of tourists and declining autographs only spoke to the sheer authenticity of the gown. Teenagers waved at me in Tomorrowland and children eagerly gawked on Main Street. An elderly woman approached me while in line to meet Peter Pan, remarking, “We got in line to meet you. My granddaughter thought you were part of the stage crew, but then I realized you weren’t taking photos.” However, my favorite moment of the day was when a trolley girl stopped to greet me at the end of her act, complimenting the dress. I was so happy to have found the perfect fit for my day as Wendy Darling, all in thanks to Le Petite Arbrejuliet-1



9 thoughts on “Never Grow Up with Le Petite Arbre’s Gowns

  1. Beautiful gown. I always ran when it came to sewing growing up but, as an adult I do appreciate the talent that some people have. This is a great looking dress that wi be able to be made into several costume roles.

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    1. I went on a day that Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party was taking place, which adults are also allowed to dress up for. Special events at the parks allow for costumes as long as they follow the guidelines!


  2. Such a beautiful costume and you look simply amazing in that gorgeous outfit that looks perfect as if stitched for you. It is great to see special events allowing for costumes as long as we stick to the guidelines.


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