Accessories Too Schweetz to Eat

With a mountain of rhinestones rivaling the height of Vanellope’s Diet Cola Mountain and whipped cream topping sweet enough for any tooth, MysticLG Creations offers the sugariest handmade products available. The store supplies a range of adorable accessories perfect to pack alongside your makeup products on your next trip to the Parks, from compacts to handheld mirrors.

Like a kid in a candy store, I couldn’t keep my eyes off my MysticLG Creations compact.


The small, Florida-based business crafts accessories specific to channeling the personalities of beloved Disney films and characters through nearly edible-appearing designs. I was elated to receive my own custom Vanellope Von Schweetz compact from MysticLG Creations, which arrived topped with a myriad of eye-catching candy and images of the daring deuteragonist. The heroine who first appeared in the 2012 film “Wreck It Ralph” is now a pocket-sized reminder of my love for her bravery that now travels with me on every mirror-necessitating adventure. It’s the perfect addition to my collection of Disney-inspired items that I keep with me on a daily basis. Something as trite as a lovely compact is enough to keep the magic with me, and MysticLG Creations is an expert at creating that very pixie dust for you to keep tucked in your purse.

Every candy queen needs something just as sweet to peek at her frosted reflection in.

While I love the piece MysticLG Creations crafted for me for everything it is, the process that went into its creation was the most enchanting aspect of my collaboration with the shop. MysticLG Creations exerts themselves to great lengths in order to accommodate their customers wishes – making each come true. While I was awaiting my confectionery dream of a compact, I received photos, ideas, and questions to ensure it would be everything I ever wanted. The endearing sense of customer service MysticLG Creations keeps in mind at all times is a gorgeous rarity that I sincerely appreciated.

Not only are MysticLG Creations’ products incredibly priced, but they are truly made special for every noble who orders them. You can email or message MysticLG Creations on Instagram to begin discussing your dream item right away. And as a reader of this superbly sweet experience, if you mention the phrase “keep moving forward” in your order request, you can receive 10% off your order.


This sugar rush-inducing store is on its way to success with an Etsy shop soon to be announced and the limitless creativity of its products. Unlike Taffyta Muttonfudge would believe, MysticLG Creations is no glitch. The shop is purposefully bringing sunshine to all its customers, one sugar-coated compact at a time.




9 thoughts on “Accessories Too Schweetz to Eat

    1. I’m in love with Wreck It Ralph too! Vanellope was honestly such a great role model for me as a girl who dealt with bullying myself. I could only imagine how fantastic she must be for your daughter to look up to! Disney heroines always make me feel better.


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