Ears Are a Wish Your Heart Makes

A miniature of Cinderella’s castle on Main Street meets a miniature Cinderella, featuring Crown Me Royal Paint Co.’s dazzling ears.

Few things are better than glittery surprises in the mail. And even fewer surpass the level of excitement brought by the arrival of twinkling Cinderella-inspired Minnie Mouse ears. The fabulous Etsy shop, Crown Me Royal Paint Co, recently shipped me a pair from their “Glitter Mickey Ears” line for a trip to the Magic Kingdom.

img_20160924_185915121-2The handmade store features the creativity of two sisters who share an apparent love for Disney and an even greater passion for crafting together. They specialize in their trademark glitter ears, but also love to tinker with other projects, of which I was told the dexterous duo are currently in the process of developing a line of portraits to add to their shop. If their artwork is anything like their ears, the quality is sure to be outstanding. I found myself particularly in love with their Cinderella Glitter Mouse Ears because the design is so diverse from the img_20160924_190512085typical, overly-blue design often seen with Cindy products. Instead, Crown Me Royal Paint Co.‘s Cinderella ears are a delicate gray, embellished with a swirling pattern nearly identical to that of her current gown featured in the Parks. As a party princess, the detail Crown Me Royal Paint Co. puts into developing park-accurate designs is an incredibly satisfying element of theirwork. Not to mention, the hand-patterned detail is an incredible testament to the pair’s artistic abilities, as their ear line-up includes many designs that require carefully painted motifs. Their various products, including beautiful Spaceship Earth and Heffalump ear designs, can be viewed on either their Etsy storefront, or on Instagram @crownmeroyalpaintco.

Crown Me Royal Paint Co.’s ears are gorgeous when paired with any outfit.

One of the most distinctive traits of Crown Me Royal Paint Co. Minnie ears is their pillow-like quality. Instead of being constructed using wire or a pre-fabricated ear headband base, each ear is actually sewn and filled for additional volume. Not only does this make their ears stand apart, but it also makes them incredibly light-weight and bearable for a day in the parks, from rope drop all the way to Wishes. My only qualm with the product was a heavy reliance on hot glue, from which my satin bow had already begun to detach. That being noted, the overall durability of their ears is incredible, and they fit comfortably. Unlike bulky ears sold by some other stores, Crown Me Royal Paint Co. offers a promising solution. The size is perfect, as walking down Main Street I didn’t feel awkward for wearing large orbs versus mouse ears. Instead, Crown Me Royal Paint Co. captures the concept behind accessorized Minnie ears perfectly, that evidenced in even the size of the product itself.

Crown Me Royal Paint Co. may be a small business, but their vision is one of grandeur. They continue to expand beyond their Etsy storefront and into the hearts of their customers by devoting themselves to enhancing the magic of Disney, all through their handmade Minnie ears. From Cinderella’s castle to Adventureland, this princess had a wonderful time dancing through Disney World in a pair of Crown Me Royal Paint Co. ears… because they were magical even after the clock struck midnight.



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