Ooh-La-Lola, Look At Those Ears!

As the mouse behind Disney’s magic continues to shape tourism culture, Minnie takes center stage herself with her trademark bow. It isn’t all-too surprising to stroll through one of the Parks and see custom Minnie ears atop someone’s head, with designs ranging from Peter Pan to Ursula. The growing “ear fad” has rapidly picked up speed over the past few years, and there are now multifarious venues through which to purchase them. With 16 million Etsy sellers all vying for a consumer’s attention and 35 million products to choose from on this commonly used virtual market, attempting to find a cute pair of ears for your next Disney escapade may be a little overwhelming – especially when we factor in the question of quality.

These Luby And Lola ears took a quick stop at the Confectionary to show how sweet they truly are.

After encountering a lovely shop, Luby And Lola, I think I may have resolved the issue of needing to hunt for the perfect ears to drag along on my excessive trips to Walt Disney World. I love to add custom Minnie ears to my collection, and I have had positive shopping interactions with many other sellers, but never have I experienced such a functional accessory for a day in the Parks. They were incredibly light-weight, in contrast to many other company’s products which tend to be heavy with rhinestones and big floral pieces. I was so grateful for a pair of ears that I could manage all day in thanks to the comfortable fit and ribbon headband. Ms. Lola Hancock creates her ears with a simplistic, elegant touch, which exhibits itself in her delicate design.

I could not have been more excited to see a glittering package at my doorstep the day my ears arrived. Ms. Lola Hancock truly makes your delivery a special occasion.
My favorite thing about these ears is the size! They aren’t too large like other ears and fit comfortably.

My Rapunzel-inspired ears arrived right on time for my trip to Magic Kingdom this week, even after coming all the way from England. I was incredibly excited to see my package waiting for me, as Ms. Lola had my name neatly typed in Disney’s signature font on the pink wrapping. The product arrived neatly and tied in glittering fabric. Not only are Luby and Lola’s products beautifully made, but beautifully presented.

Walking into Fairytale Hall with my Luby and Lola ears, Punzie immediately beamed and asked if I grew them myself. I loved that something as simple as my ears could spark a little happiness between me and my favorite princess. Of course, Tinkerbell assumed I was a garden talent fairy because of the beautiful floral arrangement detailing my ears, but I had to admit Ms. Lola Hancock was the mastermind behind the magically made creation. It’s just one of those things that makes a day at the Parks even more thrilling, having people gawk at your outfit and feel the urgency to ask, “Where can I get those ears?!” Luby And Lola definitely knows how to make a lady feel like royalty.

My Rapunzel-inspired ears beside their princess.
Luby And Lola ears are ready to ship!


Although inspired by Princess Rapunzel, Ms. Lola’s designs are perfect to match any outfit – making them even more functional for a princess’s adventures. Picking out my ears was the most difficult step in the process, as Luby And Lola offers a diverse variety of headbands, flower crowns, and custom Minnie ears. Ms. Lola’s talented hands are able to whip up practically perfect designs at a mere request, as proven by her incredible inventory of different ears. All items in her shop are gorgeously finished with a little sparkle, a bit of pixie dust every girl definitely needs in her day. You can follow Luby and Lola’s crafting triumphs on Instagram @lubyandlola, whose posts always brighten up my mornings before I head off for studies, and purchase your own adventure-ready ears through her Etsy store.DSCN7019



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