10 Things I Love About My Mom

I know with the world we live in today, there are so many things we claim to value. But I feel like sometimes because of the fast pace and unprecedented materialism life acquires for many, we fail to recognize the importance of the most critical aspect of ourselves. Family. I would not be the princess I call myself today without having a beautiful queen to guide me, and I feel as though it is a must to mention how much my mother has impacted my life. And because not only is she my shining light, but also my best friend – I feel the world needs to know the top ten things I just adore about her.

1. She mixes up her words when she’s tired, but I know what she means anyway.

I will never forget walking through Lowe’s when my mother yelled, “Look at those watermelons!” only to be found pointing at a row of lawn-mowers. I have never been so humiliated, and simultaneously grateful for her, as I had then.

2. When she’s laughing, I’m laughing.

She laughs at her own jokes after realizing they aren’t funny, and I think the fits of giggles last forever once I catch on. Nothing makes me as happy as when she smiles.

3. She’s my favorite person to be at Disney with.

There is only one person I can feel special and loved with – and that’s when I’m with my mom. Little strolls down Main Street on a Friday evening when it’s just the two of us makes me the happiest girl in the world. Moments like eating Dole Whips as we watch fireworks from the monorail and waiting for the Move It Shake It Parade so I can scream over Judy Hopps just aren’t as perfect with anyone else by my side.


4. She loves lists like these about Disney.

“7 mistakes people make when planning a trip to Disney”, “10 things you’ll love about Epcot”, and “5 secrets about Disney you didn’t know” are a daily shout-out when my mom finds a new list online. I love seeing her excited. And I love that she loves lists like these because I think she’s perfect.

5. Every night at 8 o’clock we eat ice cream together.

Eating ice cream while watching NCIS episodes at the end of a long day is my absolute favorite. And when I need to binge on cookies until I feel better, I know my mama is right there with me.

6. When she takes pictures, I smile.

She should have been a photographer. I love that my mother will take 500 photos in a day of just me because she knows how much I love pictures. She knows how particular I am, how I like my body to look… she knows me better than I know me and that makes my heart feel so full.


7. She’s always there to get me out of my own head.

As an over thinker, I stress. And I could not be more relieved to have my mother around when I need someone to bring me back to earth. If I didn’t have her, I would never have been able to move forward from always being so afraid. She is my sunshine on the gloomy days.

8.  She had the patience to teach me to drive.

God bless her, because yikes.

9. When I don’t have friends, I have her.

I’ve spent so many days alone and without peers I could spend time with. But I have never had to face that social awkwardness without knowing that when I went home, my mama would be there. I love our long car rides home where I can tell her how hurt I feel, and she’ll remind me that life really isn’t that bad because one of her students flushed their homework down the toilet.

10. I’ve never seen someone more beautiful.

She wouldn’t tell you that she thinks she’s pretty, but I really believe that my mother has the kindest heart. And that flows out of her. Her support, love, and gentleness are eminent in her features and because of that, I see such beauty. I am proud to be the daughter of that woman.


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