Coronation Day

At sixteen Aurora pricked her finger, Mulan saved China, Ariel fell in love, and Merida faced a bear… and at sixteen, I trip over things and eat ice cream for breakfast. But if anything, I like to think its kindness that makes a princess, and so far, I believe that’s true because I’ve never met any situation that a hug and a little chocolate can’t make better. And I’m pretty sure Disney also helps, which is why I wanted to share my adventures at WDW here with you. Like I mentioned, I’m sixteen and a part-time party princess working for Be Our Guest Party Entertainment that frequents WDW because I really need character hugs and the Jungle Cruise in my life…and I’m a serious advocate for self-love and positivity. I’m hoping that this little virtual adventure book will let me share what I love with others so that they can realize they have everything to love about themselves too in life. Because everybody is a princess, whether you have a tiara or not.

Happy Coronation Day to you, Princess. ♥


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